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Cylinders, Valves, Pumps, Motors, Hoses & tubes, Power Packs, Accessories, Service and Testing of Hydraulic Equipments.

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Fluid seals, Pneumatic seals, Static Seals, Large Diameter Seals, Miniature Seals, Specific Profiles, Food Grade Seals and Rotary Seals. Available in PU, HPU, Viton, NBR, HNBR, PTFE Glass, PTFE Bronze, PTFE Virgin, PTFE Carbon, Aflas etc...

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PLC, SCADA, Motor Controls, I-Switch Isolation Equipment, I-push Control Stations, I-Select Rotary Switches, I-Grab Grab wire Switches, I-Press Press Switches, MI Switches Bespoke Design.

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Valves, Cylinders, Tubes, FRL Unit& Repairs.

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Specialised Products for Plants & Factories

Industrial Automation, Proximity switches, Concrete & Cement mixing blades, Conveyor belts, High Pressure seals, Installation, Commissioning and troubleshooting

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Position sensors, sensors for motion control, Industrial imaging, safety technology, process sensors, identification systems, condition monitoring systems, systems for mobile machines etc.

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